The One


How do you know who your soulmate is?

You do just know. 

They are the person you think of when you are sitting alone and thinking to yourself, wondering “what if”. The person every love song reminds you of, the one you can take any lyric and apply them to. Every romantic movie makes you wonder what their doing and if you two could ever have a love story like that. Every time you are down you seek them because you know they will make things better. The sound of rain makes you think of them because you want to lie down beside them and listen. The places where you went together are not places where you can go with others because you don’t want to ruin the memory. You get nervous around them even after so many years. They still make your heart race just by being them. You could be the most eloquent speaker in the universe but around them you can’t find the right words to ask them how their day was. And sure you see other people, as do they but at the end of the day they are somewhere in the back of your mind. You think about how your parents would like them. How your friends would approve instantly. You think about your cat fluffy and how nice they would be to them. Okay, maybe the last one is just me. But you really just know. Deep inside. And if you have to think too deep into it, then they aren’t the one.

The one is the one without ever trying. 


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