[ Compare/Contrast: Perfect Blue (1997, dir. Satoshi Kon) and Black Swan (2010, dir. Darren Aronofsky) ]

A young woman on the brink of stardom struggles to assert her adult identity and sexual autonomy while being stalked by a murderous doppelgänger. 

Why did this never occur to me? I love both of these movies A LOT.

you realize aronofsky bought the rights to perfect blue years ago to let him copy/pay homage to a scene in requiem for a dream (the bathtub one, specifically), then made black swan using essentially the same story with only a few details changed (the occupation of the main character, the setting, etc.) and copying multiple scenes, sometimes exactly, and then went on to say he took no inspiration or ideas or scenes from perfect blue and was not influenced by it at all, despite owning the rights to it,having previously done so (which was why he bought the rights in the first place), and the year 2010 being the year black swan came out as well as the death of satoshi kon, perfect blue’s director.

tl;dr FUCK aronofsky.

another thing about this whole mess that i don’t think many people are aware of is the fact perfect blue was based off of a novel written by takeuchi yoshikazu, which has not published outside of japan as far as i know.

so whether he’s aware of it or not, aronofsky screwed over two people when he made black swan.


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