A quick look at RNTC

Tulisan pertama saya saat mengikuti kelas Online Journalism. Dibuang sayang 😁

The rustle of leaves blown by the wind makes me forget for a moment where I was heading to; RNTC, the place I’ll be in the next two weeks. Despite of its big name that recognized all over of the world, the building is very humble. Recently, RNTC and RNW made some changes to their identity, including the logo. That’s why there’s a bit difference if you look at these two pictures of main entrance below:

main entrance, then

main entrance: now

main entrance: now

The training center is located in among tall and dense trees, far from the noisy traffic. I can see a few cars parked, but much more bicycle cramped in a roofed parking space. Yes, The Netherlands is famous for its citizens habit to use bicycle everywhere.


No need to say much, pictures of the place will explain all. You will want to be here!

chilly weather, but keep going!

participants in practice

the backyard. we had the zumba dance just now!

the backyard. we had the zumba dance just now!

welcoming spring :)

everything’s white in winter


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